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Orchestrates messages between an IFrame and its parent page, as well as between IFrames on the same page. The Iframes can even reside on different domains!

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I realize this looks a bit outdated functionally; after all, who uses IFrames anyway right!?

Well if you’re asking yourself that question, clearly you’re not a SharePoint developer (neither am I). In SharePoint 2013, Provider Hosted Apps are rendered inside of IFrames that are rendered inside your site.

If you’re planning to do, lets say, a single-page-app (SPA) to be delivered in this model, you’ll need to interact with the “world” outside your IFrame.

What does this do?

This tool will allow you to establish a communication pipeline between each IFrame and its parent, easing a lot of pain.

To take this a bit further, you’ll also be able to pass messages and trigger events between IFrames.

Where can this be used?

The motivation behind this tool was for complex SharePoint Provider Hosted App, but there’s no dependency whatsoever with SharePoint.