I'm still searching for "the right" logging API for me.
I need something simple yet configurable and extendable, so I can add complexity to it whenever I need to.

I've aready posted about Log4Net. Cool thing, very customizable, but too hard to use. Like I said, I need something really Plug-N-Play... keep it as simple as possible.

This time I was willing to give NLog a chance.

What I can say is that it just works. Two minutes after the creation of my test console application I had it working. What did I had to do to test it out:

  • Add a reference to the NLog dll
  • Create a configuration file
  • errrrr... hit F5? :)

Configuration file:

My test code:

Ok… this is a really dumb and useless implementation but to me proves the simplicity I was looking for.

What's next?! :: Custom Targets!
I'll create a custom target that will do some cool things...